Where can you buy Tattered Lace Dies?


Tattered Lace Dies are available to purchase from many stockists across the internet.  They are designed by Stephanie Weightman.  Some of my favorite online shops are listed below:

(Free Delivery)

Create & Craft


Clacton Art Craft & Model Centre

Crafting Warehouse

Crafty Angels

Crafty Corner

Crafty Snippets

Dandie Crafts

Emerald Crafts


SET Office Supplies

Amazon.co.uk – Generally quite cheap, fast delivery etc

perfect parchment craft – Offers Free Delivery

Are you looking for?

tattered lace christmas dies

tattered lace alphabet dies

tattered lace shoe die

tattered lace pram die

tattered lace peacock die

tattered lace sentiment dies

5 thoughts on “Where can you buy Tattered Lace Dies?

  1. Hi, I am looking to purchase some dies and need to find where. I am located in the US. Please advise, thank you.

  2. Please advise how I can purchase the Florentine Lace Dies as shown in the March edition of Making Cards
    complete set as per advertisement on page 2.

  3. I’m looking for a place in the US to purchase these dies. They are the most beautifully detailed dies I’ve ever seen. The cards Debbie Stevens makes are out of this world!

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